Agility, transparency and efficiency define our six step process

We like to do things fast and avoid unnecessary formalities to keep your project costs low

We provide innovative and cost effective solutions for companies of all sizes in Richmond, VA and beyond. Whether it is business intelligence, data analytics and reporting, a custom software application, Salesforce integration or a new website or mobile app, it is all delivered via our six-step process.

Our Step by Step Process

Step 1. Define Goals

Before anything we develop a good understanding of your business and industry. We work closely with you and your team to identify clear and pragmatic project goals while ensuring all stakeholders agree on the short term and long term vision.


Step 2. Establish Scope

We translate your project goals into user stories mapping these to your company’s unique requirements and limitations. Our expert product strategists identify the right technologies and platforms to implement your goals in the most effective way.


Step 3. Craft Requirements

Working from user stories, we identify clear resource and technology requirements. We provide you with a project schedule with estimated timelines and clearly explained costs. We believe in setting realistic expectations from the very start.


Step 4. Execution

Our developers work in sprints to create the designs and prototypes crafted by our experienced UI/UX designers. We create a sense of urgency and passion around your project which enables us to keep development time and costs low.


Step 5. Quality Assurance

Every project we undertake undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance by our experienced Quality Assurance Analysts. This ensures that your product is truly ready for use by you and your customers.


Step 6. Training & Support

For every project which we deliver we provide training and support in various forms. Our goal is to ensure that the product remains useful and relevant. We remain available as your technology partner as your business requirements evolve.